Animated Hero Classics - Pocahontas

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<p>Except for the raw courage of a native<br />American princess named Pocahontas,<br />the English settlers at Jamestown in the<br />early 17TH century would have died<br />from starvation and exposure. Her brave<br />intervention both saved the settlers&rsquo; lives and<br />brought peace between two very different<br />peoples. Recapture all the drama and<br />suspense that filled the early days of<br />America&rsquo;s colonisation. History comes alive<br />as you meet an inquisitive girl who grows<br />into a great ambassador for peace.</p>DVD-R: This title is manufactured-on-demand when ordered from The Canny Store using the highest quality DVD-R discs.

Category: Religious

Type: Region 2 DVD

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