Ancient Rome: Hidden Hisotry Of Rome [DVD]

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If you thought you knew the ancient world, think again. Terry Jones brings the everyday details of the ancient Romans, bizarre, hilarious or shocking, to life in this entertaining and informative programme. Rome was famed for the decadence of its ruling class, however, what about the ordinary citizens of this ancient culture? How did they lead their day to day lives in an age when the average life expectancy was little more than forty? Did they believe in the Pagan Gods? What were their sex lives like? What did they do for entertainment? Indeed most Roman citizens didnt live in marble villas with mosaic floors and central heating, its just that the buildings of the rich are all that remain. How ordinary Romans lived is, for the most part, unrecorded. Theirs is the hidden history of Rome. This programme is packed full of surprising and entertaining little-known facts that throw new light on our understanding of the Romans.

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