Ancient Egyptians: Tutankhamun [DVD]

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The boy-king Tutankhamun may now be the best known pharaoh in Egyptian history, but almost nothing is known about him, leaving him shrouded in mystery. Today, neither his father nor mother is known with certainty. Nearly all historical memory of him has been ruthlessly obliterated: inscriptions on temples have been carefully erased. Yet his tomb remains, providing us with valuable clues. This programme details the discovery of his intact tomb and describes the investigations carried out on his mummified body. Who was Tutankhamun and why has no solid evidence been left to tell us of his life? We delve into the story of his childhood, his early marriage to his own half-sister and the sacrilegious reign of his father. We investigate his relationship with his ambitious advisor and the disastrous tragedy of his childlessness. Finally, we look at a fascinating new theory about his suspicious and untimely death.

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