Ancient Egyptians: The Lost Mummy of Imhotep [DVD]

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At the dawn of Egyptian civilization, Imhotep built the first pyramid, became legendary as a physician and governed the greatest state on earth. The ancients made him a god. Then Hollywood made him The Mummy. Now, Egyptologists may have found his tomb and it could be the greatest discovery of the 20th century. Millions of people around the world know the name of Imhotep, the Egyptian high priest who turns into "The Mummy", but few realise that the character was based on one of the most important figures in all of ancient history, a man historians have called the world's "first known genius." For some archaeologists Imhotep's lost burial has been the Holy Grail of Egyptology. Now, at long last, Polish archaeologist Karol Mysliwiec may indeed have found it, buried beneath the sands of Saqqara, Egypt's fabled city of the dead.

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