Ancient Egyptians: Ramses the Great [DVD]

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An ambitious builder, a successful general and popular ruler, Ramses II was one of Egypt's longest reigning monarchs, ruling the Ancient Kingdom for 66 years until his death in 1213 B.C. Known as the Warrior King of Egypt, Ramses II bragged about his military prowess and was fond of listing the names of his two hundred children. So great was Ramses' ego that he bricked up the doorways of his father's mortuary temple so he would have additional surfaces on which to boast of his achievements. He designed the great temple at Abu Simbel so the rays of the sun would shine into the innermost sanctuary on his birthday and illuminate the statues of Ramses and the three gods. In modern times he was thought of so highly that when it was discovered that the royal mummies in the Egyptian museum were decaying, it was Ramses' mummy that was sent to France for treatment, the only mummy to ever leave Egypt. It was revealed that he was crippled by arthritis and probably died in agony of a massive infection in his jaw.

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