Ancient Egyptians: Hatshepsut [DVD-R]

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The daughter and also the wife of a king, Hatshepsut's ambition was to be king - not queen. She pushed aside her nephew and rightful heir to the throne, Tuthmosas III, and for 22 years ruled as King of Upper and Lower Egypt. She wore the pharaoh's false beard of authority and is shown in her statues wearing male garb.

Hatshepsut was a master politician and an elegant stateswoman. Although there were no wars during her reign, she proved her sovereignty by ordering expeditions to the land of Punt, in present-day Somalia, in search of the ivory, animals, spices, gold and aromatic trees that Egyptians coveted.

She almost certainly had a two-decade affair with a commoner, Senenmut, who designed her mortuary temple at Deir el Bahri and audaciously drew portraits of himself on the walls behind the doors.

In all, Hatshepsut accomplished what no woman had before her. She ruled the most powerful, advanced civilisation in the world, successfully, for 20 years and her success stands for all eternity.

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