Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 2 Specials [DVD-R]

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In this three-part special, learn more about Otto Kilcher and see the innovations this creative family has devised to aid in living off the land. 

Otto Kilcher, the cattleman of the family, sees life differently than most folks. Some people think he’s crazy, but he’ll tell you it’s just his willingness to accept whatever life on the homestead brings to him. Otto’s sense of humor and fun is infectious, even while doing back-breaking work, and his tenacity and ingenuity inspires family and neighbours alike. 

For the Kilchers, necessity certainly is the mother of invention and their subsistence lifestyle requires that they not only re-use and recycle, but also reinvent. Otto digs around in his ‘bone yard’ to make the perfect chuck wagon for this year’s cattle drive. He and Eivin also craft a hay hauling sled out of the roof of an old car. Meanwhile Atz and wife Bonnie keep marital harmony by designing not only a functional, but comfortable double outhouse. While the men are out hunting, Otto’s wife Charlotte and daughter-in-law Eve repair the chicken coop. As the Kilcher men would say, it takes a special type of woman to marry into the Kilcher family. Kilcher innovation isn’t limited to just tools and machinery; sometimes innovation means saving yourself from the harsh Alaskan elements and the natural dangers of the lifestyle.

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