Abilene Town [DVD-R]

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Set in the years immediately following the end of the Civil War, Abilene Town stars Western legend Randolph Scott (Ride The High Country, Comanche Station) as Marshall Dan Mitchell, a lawman in the Kansas town of Abilene. Mitchell finds himself caught in the middle of a feud between homesteaders seeking to settle down and create a new life, and the cattlemen who have made their homes in Abilene for generations. Abilene had always been split between the two factions, with the homesteaders at one end of town and the cattlemen at the other, but as tensions begin to mount towards a deadly climax, Mitchell must do all he can to keep the peace.

Also starring Lloyd Bridges (High Noon, Airplane!) and Ann Dvorak (Scarface, The Return of Jesse James), Abilene Town is a classic Western dealing with the familiar themes of changing times and culture clashes, as the Old West meets the new America.

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Type: Region 2 DVD-R

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