21st Century War Machines [DVD]

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A fascinating insight into warfare technology of the past, present and future.

The machines and weapons designed to fight the heavy metal wars of the 21st Century now face a grim challenge: they must adapt or die.

Today, the armies of the world operate in low burn guerilla conflict often in urban environments where civilian casualties must be avoided at all costs. Are today s enemies gaining ground against the cutting-edge military might of the West? And how can the designers and manufacturers of 21st Century War Machines counter these ever growing threats?

In this compelling series, renowned military analyst Simon Pearson provides a fascinating insight into warfare technology past, present and future. He expertly guides us through the origins of main battle tanks, attack helicopters, missiles, fighter and bomber aircraft and artillery right through to today s state-of-theart digital battlefield .

We hear from the makers and users of the military technology whilst also investigating the history and the future of man and machine in combat. Supported by spectacular action-packed footage and intricate 3D computer-generated imagery, 21st Century War Machines poses and answers many questions on this extremely topical and important subject and is a must have for anyone interested in military history.

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